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Executive Coaching

Today’s business environment drives relentless demand for agile, resilient, and high-performing leaders. It’s important to select a coach that knows how to help your leaders make the changes necessary to increase their business impact. Our coaches partner with your leaders, providing them with a safe and stimulating space in order to expedite their measurable evolution. We specialise in leadership and executive coaching.

Below are some key issues that leaders typically need support on, along with examples of how we can help through executive coaching.

Expanding thinking styles

It’s human nature to fall back on our customary ways of thinking—but this can become a roadblock to both personal and commercial success. We offer executive coaching to managers and executives to help them expand their range of thinking styles to become more effective leaders. This can include improving decision-making, strategic thinking, and creative problem solving.

Enhancing drive and resilience

When leaders find themselves disconnected from what motivates them, our executive coaching helps them to step back, look at the situation holistically, and identify actions they can take to enhance their drive and resilience.

Improving interpersonal impact

Many leaders struggle with interpersonal dynamics, which can really hold them back from success. Through our executive coaching, we help leaders focus on improving relational issues in order to evolve into the best version of themselves. Common areas of focus include building executive presence, influencing, assertiveness, and confidence.

Addressing specific business challenges

Going beyond intellectual, emotional, and interpersonal challenges, we offer executive coaching to address business-specific challenges. Guiding leaders through their particular challenge areas, we utilise various tools and processes to address areas such as stakeholder management, change management, managing conflict, and performance management.

A typical executive coaching programme follows these steps:

1. Consult

Working with HR and the Line Manager, we scope and define initial challenges and objectives.

2. Chemistry check

We conduct a chemistry check with the coachee to ensure compatibility.

3. Assessment

Our leadership assessments can be light touch or comprehensive. We can incorporate multi-party stakeholder feedback with a suite of psychometrics and aptitude instruments.

4. Programme design

We co-create goals and a development plan with the coachee, then hold our first triangular meeting to agree on coaching goals with the Line Manager or HR.

5. Deliver

We conduct 5-10 executive coaching sessions with a mid-point and a final triangular assessment against coaching goals.

6. Handover

Once the executive coaching program is complete, we provide guidance to the Line Manager so that they can maintain the coachee’s continued development and growth.

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