The Challenge

Our client had originally planned to run a face-to-face presentation skills course, but restrictions around the coronavirus pandemic created a delay and required an alternative solution.

The Solution

We proposed four, two-hour modules on virtual presentation skills built around the development of a final presentation to be given by each participant. The modules contained fresh ideas to help the team create virtual presence, engage with their audience in new ways, and structure their presentations for clarity. Key to the design of the modules was high-touch coaching from the facilitator, other participants, and two corporate role-players who were bought in to provide master classes in engaging through technology and using voice when video is not available.

The Outcome

Noticeable improvements were recognized by all, as participants were able to practice and apply their skills immediately. The training gave participants increased confidence to experiment with new ways of engaging and communicating with their audience.

‘Thanks again Becci. Another great programme delivered!’

Virtual presentation skills training for a global aviation consultancy

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