The Challenge

To clearly identify and demonstrate to the team that their key challenges lay in their ability to: bond around a common purpose; understand and adapt to multiple ways of working; and find a safe way to deliver difficult and challenging feedback.

The Solution

Team member interviews and a team audit utilising 4-D Systems High Performing Teams Model were conducted. Results were shared and interventions occurred across a series of workshops focused on two key themes: the role of the leader (and how the team could hold him, and themselves, accountable); and the need for team members to be able to have courageous conversations with each other in order to align on new ways of working.

The Outcome

The leader became more accessible and accountable for engaging the team in their work. A shift in both the leader’s and team’s communication and work style enabled the resolution of some key tensions, and the team was then able to rally around a clear sense of the collective ambition and agenda.

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