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Team Development

Dynamic uncertainty is an ongoing condition of the world. Teams must constantly evolve, create new norms, and build deeper connections with one another in order to respond to this dynamic and to deliver a high level of performance. Your teams need to perform at their best—for the sake of business outcomes and their own personal fulfilment and happiness. In order to create sustainable change, we work closely with your teams to co-create solutions to their most pressing problems.

Below are a few examples of challenges teams face, along with some of the ways we help them develop.

Building connections within an intact team

Many clients want to offer teams a fun, day-long retreat to deepen the sense of comradery, while also uncovering team strengths and areas of focus for improvement. Types of workshops we offer include:

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®)
Bespoke Programmes

Developing a high performing team

Teams face various challenges on the road to high performance. In some cases, a strong team might simply require optimisation. In others, there may be issues that are hindering business results. In these cases, we work with teams to identify areas of key dysfunction, then deliver insights and interventions to shift the group’s performance. Interventions can include:

The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™
Bespoke Programmes

Managing conflict within a team

Conflict, whether hidden or overt, can be very damaging if not dealt with effectively. We help teams uncover sources of conflict and address them in a way where people feel safe, understood, and respected. We teach skills that enable teams to face, (rather than avoid) conflict, and manage themselves successfully during conflict. Areas of focus can include:

Conflict coaching (for individuals)
Conflict training

Developing team collaboration

Ideas around team collaboration can range from simple to complex—from getting people to share information more frequently to enabling teams to design collaboration agreements. Our interventions range across a spectrum of challenges and can be built around key areas such as:

Defining what collaboration looks like, and helping teams overcome any internal resistance
Developing the team’s skills and expanding their repertoire of tools for collaboration
Identifying and overcoming obstacles to collaboration within the team’s environment

Optimising virtual teams

Though the principles of optimising teams in many ways remain the same, the virtual space poses some additional challenges. We believe that virtual teams can be as effective as in-person teams and encourage our clients to explore and exploit the benefits of the virtual environment. When we work with you virtually, we design approaches appropriate for the space, such as:

Regulating the pace and energy of meetings
Introducing new ways of connecting
Implementing micro-interventions

If you engage us for team development, you can expect us to undertake these steps:

1. Consult

During an initial consult, we work with HR or the Business Manager to define the learning objectives.

2. Research

We conduct a qualitative and quantitative team audit, as well as individual audits, then share the results with the leader and the team to create alignment.

3. Design & Deliver

We co-create our solutions with the leader and the team. Delivery may be virtual, in bite-sized chunks, or a longer journey.

4. Partner

As long-term partners, we leverage our deep insights from across projects, in order to provide clarity on the actions needed to develop high team performance.

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