Our Leadership Training & Development Facilitates the Growth of Leaders

Leadership Training & Development

The VUCA paradigm, technology, and globalisation are all impacting leadership in Asia. Businesses need leadership training & development to support leaders as they navigate these forces. For over a decade, we have helped thousands of professionals across APAC respond to the challenges of leadership within Asia, enabling them to achieve a greater global impact whether working virtually or face-to-face.

Below are some of the ways our leadership training & development has helped our clients face common challenges.

Conducting challenging conversations

We know that managers often need support in conducting the occasional difficult conversation that they may not feel comfortable or well-versed in (such as performance reviews). Through leadership training & development, we help leaders build skills and confidence around holding challenging conversations that are clear and motivating to staff and colleagues. Some areas of focus include:

Giving feedback
Development conversations
Courageous conversations

Setting up new leaders for success

When an individual contributor transitions to manager, they need a foundational set of skills in order to succeed. New leaders need to recognize their strengths and sand traps; they must flex their use of authority, and transition from doing the work to delegating the work. We support your leaders through this transition by exploring topics like:

Building trusting and productive relationships
Managing performance

Accelerating leadership talent

Even the most experienced managers must continue their leadership evolution. We help your leaders develop in areas such as authenticity, coaching, and change management, so they can show up as a values-driven leader that others can trust, bring out the best in others, and implement successful change. Together, we can do a deep dive on these topics and more:

Authentic leadership
Leader as coach
Leading change

Optimising virtual working environments

The virtual workplace is here to stay, and now’s the time to make the most of it. Virtual teams need to work, connect, and co-create in new ways that feel genuine, integrated, and productive. To optimise virtual working environments, we guide your leaders to consciously adapt, innovate, and overcome challenges using relevant tools and resources. Some areas to explore include:

Leading in a virtual world
Collaborating virtually
Working in virtual teams

Supporting well-being of employees

Well-being is an area that companies are increasingly investing in, in part because our world is so complex, demanding, and uncertain. Most people accept that stress is a dimension of working life. Harnessed positively, stress can support creativity and change, but alternatively it may reduce performance. We help your leaders step back, look at situations holistically, and find ways to build resilience and thrive. Areas we can focus on include:

Managing stress
Building resilience
Thriving in the face of ambiguity

A typical leadership training & development programme follows these steps:

1. Consult

During an initial consult, we work with HR or the Business Manager to define the learning objectives.

2. Research

We examine business processes and conduct interviews / focus groups with programme participants while also looking at relevant current thinking and best practices.

3. Design

We design bespoke programmes based on specific business needs. We can include programme walk-throughs for L&D specialists and Business Managers who wish to be hands-on in the design process.

4. Deliver

We deliver solutions that are tailored to the needs of the business. Leadership training workshops may vary from two hours to multi-day events held either virtually or in-person.

5. Partner

We build on our insights from working with clients to design and deliver new programmes that promote continuous improvement across the business.

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