The Challenge

Our client’s challenge was to increase his ability to assert himself with his CEO in order to create clearly demarcated roles and responsibilities.

The Solution

We first asked him to identify situations where he found this difficult, and what the resulting impact on him and the business looked like. Underpinning this was reflective work, which required the COO to uncover deeper behavioural patterns that he was then able to reframe. Finally, we provided him with an assertiveness framework. This work enabled him to increase his confidence with the CEO and gain influencing skills that he could use with all his senior stakeholders.

The Outcome

As a result, he is now able to promptly and better present his point of view, negotiate faster, and arrive at mutually beneficial and sounder delegation and commercial decisions with his CEO.

‘Steven has been constantly encouraging and perceptive…helping me to think about and focus on what is important as I analyse my own professional behaviour.’

Coach to a COO of a private equity company

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