The Challenge

To develop leadership and management skills of two distinct groups of managers who were technically experienced but lacking leadership capability. The groups spanned four different companies with different cultures and unique challenges.

The Solution

We interviewed participants to identify training needs and developed a half-day training for the freshly promoted group to focus on foundational skills. For the more experienced group, we offered three days of training with a focus on achieving excellence through others. Training modules ranged from raising self-awareness through FIRO-B®, performance conversations, and coaching to develop high-performing teams.

The Outcome

Participants said the training gave them tools they could use immediately to change the way they led and engaged with their team. In addition, one of the attendee’s team members said that the improvement in his manager’s leadership immediately resulted in a better relationship between them.

‘Becci is always great. Most importantly, she is always encouraging us to participate, and never makes us feel like there are wrong answers. She gives great explanations and examples that are relevant to us. The training was very inspiring.’

Leadership training & development for a regional luxury fashion retail company

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